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Your model user/password login will be valid for 2 sites, chatgf + tubecamgirl.

You can decide to use one only or both, as you prefer.

ChatGF from 2010, it is an "offline" (no free chat) site, only for private shows. Exclusive, minimum 20 minutes private, you decide your price from $1/minute to $20/minute as you wish. Protection from chargebacks. We pay 40% of what customers pay. It pays 82% if you bring the customer yourself as REF (referral) from elsewhere. from 2011, got free chat, tips and groups, pays 50%. Tips like MyFreeCams but groups like Streamate Gold Show (you set total price, to be all paid before the Group starts). Can Splitcam, easy rules.

Payments from both our sites are made 2 times a month, with Payoneer, Paxum, Webmoney, Bank wire, Western Union and other ways: for the 1-15 days period carried out on the 1st day of the next month. Payment for the 16-31 days period is carried out on the 16th day of the next month.

We do not take back money for chargebacks, up to a max insurance of $250 per model per 14 days payout, includes hacker, stolen cards or idiots of various kind, will be our site to lose the money and model be paid, unless what's more than $250 per 14 days per model, rare event really.

Models requirements: We accept models, both independent or under a studio, from every country and race. Must be 18+ years old, preferably looking younger than 40. Should be ready to be fully naked (no panties) in private: ok if you don't want to play while nude, but we do not register always clothed or just topless models here. We do not register man or shemale, we only register girls, single girl or couple girl/girl. We can accept boy/girl shows (a boy appearing on video in a girl account, also for sex) in ChatGF private only, not in TubeCamGirl publicly.

Registration needs: Do not send 10 years old photos, photoshopped retouched photos, or very different from how you look in cam for real today. In some cases, we could ask an online cam verification (in our site, not in skype or yahoo) to check if your looks are as in the photos (clothed, not need to be naked), if your video is fast and clear, or customers could ask money back. If the cam girl is online in other cam sites (clothed free chat is enough) it can be used in place of the online cam verification at our site. But consider if you use splitcam on many sites at same time, the video will be bad.

Description of ChatGF site: No free chat. That means you do not need to be in the video-camera or talk in the free chat. You may do anything you want while waiting for private (you can be in other room to watch tv or sleep!) or work with other sites. When you are called to private mode you'll receive sound and visual notification on the pc, and also an SMS message on your cell phone (if you gave the number), so you can go to pc room if you are elsewhere. You can block your country so friends and relatives do not see you. We do not keep recording of shows, every nude chat is deleted after it happened, and we not put copy of videos in tubes or advertisements. If you bring customers from elsewhere (referral) we give $50 at his signup, then 82% of what he spends with you lifetime (you decide the price per minute, $1/min to $20/min can be different for each customer).

For registration of both chatgf+tubecamgirl you should fill this Registration Form.

Important note about models who change studio boss: To support the studios, the site will not re-register the same model brought (registered here first time) by a studio, if she moves in a new studio or as an home model, and she was paid as agreed by such studio normally until then. We will re-register a model only after the approval of the studio where she has first been registered in ChatGF. If old studio do not agree, we re-register her (same name, but new payment details) after waiting 6 months since last time such model was online on ChatGF. By studio we mean who buy to models the cam equipment and/or pay/provide rent of where cam shows are done or part of it. Instead simple reseller or agents in middle (middlemans) can be skipped, we do not lock model for these. Exceptions: if a real studio doesn't pay a model anymore or has tech, financial or legal problems, so can not offer online work to models anymore, after some weeks the models can go online from elsewhere, if problems of old studio are not solved yet. Also this lock is valid only the first time a model is registered: she can change studios the next times immediately, if these studios are not the one that registered her here the first time.

For registration to ChatGF and Tubecamgirl site you should fill that form.

After you got an account at chatgf + tubecamgirl as a model, to be paid from ChatGF and TubeCamGirl you need also to create a wcc banking account there: